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Hey there, I’m a writer and book coach. I’m also what’s known as a “scanner” which used to be called “flighty” back in the olden days before science.

I have spent most of my adult years writing for pay in one way or another.

I’ve written technical manuals for software programs, designed courses for non-profits, and published several newsletters and a magazine. Due to the scanner thing, I’ve also held a number of other jobs and pursued quite a few serious hobbies along the way.

Most recently, I’ve worked as a yoga teacher, pilates instructor, real estate agent, and jewelry stylist. I do most of my own photography, graphics, web design, and proofreading.

I’ve also trained software users and rescued homes in need of TLC (12 of them in twenty years). I really should retire, but have an addiction to work and aversion to boredom. I tried golf and it didn’t work. Art was great fun, but what do you do with all the product when you dislike sales? Ditto making jewelry and painting signs.

Sonya Myers, author
My Books
Downsize Your Home, Rightsize Your Life: How to Cash In Your Home Equity & Jumpstart Your Happy, Healthy Retirement, available on Amazon. I self-published this book, which was an extended process with a steep learning curve.

Jane, a fiction work in progress.

I live in sunny Southwest Florida with my husband, an elderly cat and her annoying companion, an enormous, slighty bitey bobtailed kitten. Florida is a terrible place to live. Don’t come here. It’s full of mosquitos, alligators, and inept drivers. You would hate it!

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